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Bringing more intelligence to sales teams with Dynamics 365

We know that life for sellers has seen some massive changes recently as buyers are becoming more digital-first in their buying journeys and they are opting to spend less time with sales representatives. This means that when sellers get the opportunity to get in front of buyers there is a lot riding on that single interaction and the subsequent follow-up actions. Sellers must get it just right to land the deal.

We also know that when sellers have the right tools, at the right time, they win more with customers. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s State of Sales report this year, 80 percent of sellers who reached 150 percent of quota or more use sales technology.1 This gives us profound insight into the power that technology can play in enabling sellers to do more.

AI has already begun to play a major role in helping sellers to get to “yes” faster with customers, and that influence will only continue to grow in the coming years. Whether it be to automate the sales process, know customers more deeply, or simply help sellers be more productive, AI holds unrivaled value to sellers and sales organizations.

We think that AI should be infused at the core of all our business applications. This is why Microsoft is investing and will continue to invest in AI-powered sales solutions. Take, for example, the game-changing AI of natural language processing that supports our sales conversation intelligence. By embedding AI directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and the newly released Microsoft Viva Sales, we’re making it easier for every seller to receive this intelligence directly in their flow of work.

Full access to sales conversation intelligence

With sales conversation intelligence, sellers can quickly understand where their customers are in their sales journey and what they can do or say next to get the most from the interaction. It’s great for sales managers too, who can see what’s working for their top sellers and help coach the rest of the team.

We believe that sales conversation intelligence is so transformative for sellers that everyone should be able to experience it.

That’s why I’m delighted to share that all Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Viva Sales customers now have full access to sales conversation intelligence. This means that now all Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise customers and those running other customer relationship management (CRM) systems with Viva Sales can get as much of the insights they need. This is just an example of how we believe all business applications should be infused with AI at the core.

New features supporting sellers

What’s more is that in the coming months, we’re excited to roll out additional sales-specific insights based on Microsoft’s powerful AI and natural language processing capabilities:

  • Sellers will gain guidance in real time as they talk with customers on a call or in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

  • Sellers will be presented with suggested resources like talking points, product and pricing details, and competitive battle cards to help enrich their conversations—as they happen.

These features will provide real time insights based on customer conversations to help sellers make the most of their customer interactions.

Learn more

With AI, natural language processing, and conversation intelligence seamlessly supporting sellers, we’re at a point where technology can truly revolutionize the sales process.

These game-changing capabilities are amazing to see in practice, but the best part is what comes next—how organizations like yours deploy them in the real world. If you are not already a Dynamics 365 Sales customer and want to know more, start your free trial today.

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